• (To Have and To Not) Hold

    (To Have and To Not) Hold


    Curated by Chloe Lewis and Daniella Thach

    April 24 - June 06, 2020

    Aspect/Ratio is pleased to present (To Have and To Not) Hold, a virtual group exhibition curated by Chloe Lewis and Daniella Thach. Showcasing video art and video performance art from Guy Ben-Ner, Iris Bernblum, Alejandro Figueredo Díaz-Perera, Jean Alexander Frater, James Murray, and Casilda Sánchez, this virtual exhibition explores feelings of isola- tion, containment, and the physical need to release energy brought on by solitude. The fragile nature of our curret climate sets in motion these works which examine senses comparable to those heightened during a quarantined existence and serve as visual representations of some of the emotional states felt in this shared experience. Returning to our roots as a traditionally video based gallery,

    (To Have and To Not) Hold opens virtually

    Friday, April 24, 2020. Can be accessed on Vimeo in the link below.


    password: videoart